Mio Skincare

“I have been really happy with the service and help we get given on design to make our unit/idea more practical”

– (Hillary, Mio’s Marketing Maestro)



Client – Mio Skincare.

Material – Vivid orange acrylic, with clear acrylic POS Holder.

Production – 200 units.

Brief – The team at Mio knew they needed product display that reflected the energy & vitality that they put into the product they produce, to highlight their products within retail stores.

The Solution – The initial prototype was constructed slightly shallower, however on review and heading into production, the depth was increased so that the plinth had a greater impact in store. Also the orange base was replaced with a white base panel, this gave better light reflection and made the orange really stand out.

The plinth is constructed as a box, this gives strength, allows greater support of the POS up-stand and highlights the transparency of the acrylic giving a stylish end unit. The digital printing of the Mio brand logo in black gives a clear crisp finish against the fluorescent orange.