You Wooden Know!

We have been working with a very interesting music industry customer to develop a range of natural looking display stands for their range of instruments.

Part of the brief was for the stands to be made from wood to give a “natural” appearance. While we have no problems working with all sorts of materials from plastics through metals to wood the design of the stand made wood a very tricky material to use.

We therefore looked at applying a thin veneer to the face of acrylic panels – the client loved the effect but was concerned about the durability of the thin veneer which also presented problems with the application of logos and graphics.

Going back to the drawing board and putting out thinking caps on we decided to experiment with printing the wood effect using our Canon Arizona Flat-bed printer. After taking numerous photos of the real wood and using careful image manipulation we thought we would be able to do something. The first tests were promising and looked really good but it was lacking that wood grain feel. By layering the print so that some areas had more ink than others produced the right result – the printed panels are now indistinguishable from the real wood veneer. This results in a more cost effective display that meets all the clients design and performance requirements.

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