Vacuum Forming

Here at Advance Display we have a long experience of the different methods of producing items in thermoplastics. Starting with basic line bending and fabrication we have now adopted many other processes such as drape moulding, thermoforming, 3D printing and Vacuum Forming.

Vacuum forming (or vac forming as it is commonly known) enables high volume runs of identical parts to be carried out quickly and cost effectively.
We have manufactured a wide variety of items using vacuum forming – ranging from high quality items such on counter display trays, product plinths and hero units through to more cost effective and functional items such as fuse covers, lighting housings and switch covers used as components for vehicle and industrial equipment manufacture.

Lately we have been producing a range of vacuum formed planter liners to sit on top of office filing cabinets for office refurbishments. These allow for the new socially distanced office environments to be softened with the inclusion of real plants which can create a much more welcoming atmosphere while also maintaining the essential distancing that we are all now becoming used to.

If you would like more information about office planters to enhance your office environment or about vac forming and how it can save you money and improve your products then please get in touch by calling 01908 641008 or filling in our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.