Vacuum formed giant bottle

With the return of passengers to airlines and airports there has been a resurgence of marketing activity linked to this lucrative market. Brands are always looking to catch the eye of passengers waiting to board their flights and are prepared to invest in high quality displays to reinforce their brand values.

One distinguished Scottish Distillery wanted to differentiate themselves from the many other brands of whisky and therefore commissioned a very striking shop in shop display comprising both wall and gondola units. A key part of the wall display was a giant whisky bottle with the shelving running through it together with internal illumination. Working closely with the marketing team the development unit of Advance Display Solutions trialled various materials and finishes to make sure the final product met the client expectations.

The final specification called for the bottle – standing over 6 feet (1830mm) tall – to be vacuum formed in 3 sections and cut so that is was a quarter round. It would then be assembled into the wall bay unit on site with LED illumination.

With our CAD modelling expertise and 4axis CNC capacity we machined the tooling in house ready for mounting on our 1220 x 1000mm vacuum forming machine. After a couple of trial moulds the production moulding went ahead without a hitch, followed by careful hand trimming to shape.

The bottle was then carefully wrapped and packed for shipping to the shop fitter to assemble with the other wall bay items for installation at London Heathrow.

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