Trophy Design for MKBAA 2016

After designing last year’s trophies for the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards, Advance Display Solutions were proud to be commissioned for the second year running to help design and manufacture the trophies for the prestigious awards ceremony.

The 2015 trophy received compliments from both recipients and organisers as they felt it reflected the city’s achievements well with a design focused on the iconic skyline of Milton Keynes. The 2016 trophy therefore built upon last year’s foundations while adding a new twist – the outline of Milton Keynes itself and its infamous road infrastructure.

“Milton Keynes is well renowned for its grid road system and roundabouts” commented Advance Display MD Martin Tellwright “We therefore decided to incorporate this while retaining the style pointers from last year’s trophy.”

A key element of trophy design is creating something which is both appealing to the eye but also satisfying to hold when presented (they are a prize, after all). The base of the 2016 trophy was, as in 2015, an engraved brushed aluminium composite sheet, wrapped around a solid chunk of Perspex with a gloss black Perspex top giving a reassuring weight and solidity to the trophy – both in appearance and when held.

MKBAA 2016 054

The eye-catching outline map of Milton Keynes was cut and etched into 10mm thick crystal clear Perspex sheet that was then drape moulded into a soft radius.

To provide a really eye-catching display, the integral mounting pole was pierced right through the base to enable the map to be lit from beneath on the presentation night and cause the grid roads and roundabouts to glow with a surprising intensity. This added to the buzz surrounding the trophies, making them a focal point of the evening as well as the whole awards process.

As expected with award trophies, there is little time between receiving recipient names/artwork and the ceremony they are to be presented at. This is often a busy time for plastic formers, however our experience coupled with our latest computer eased the design and manufacturing process, allowing us to complete the trophies with time to spare.