branded retail displays

The Importance of Branded Retail Displays

As ecommerce has grown, retailers have had to rethink their store spaces and what it actually means to have a shop front: justifying a retail space has become harder as footfall declines and shoppers become more akin to window shopping and then buying online. Online shopping in the UK grew by 15.8% in 2014 and increased by a further 16.2% in 2015.

So what is the purpose of the shop floor? Its purpose remains to sell, but as simple purchasing can be done online with no bags to carry, no receipts to be lost, the art of selling has to change if your business is going to see profit. Browsing the shelves compared to browsing web pages has one chief difference – physicality – and therefore the shop floor must capitalise on this by offering a physical experience which encourages shoppers to part with their money better than it did 5 or even 3 years ago.

What differentiates between perfunctory and optimised store experiences is the layout and display of the products, which is where retail displays come in. Displays must be a balance between your need to sell, and the buyer’s need to be captivated by a soft sale approach.

POPAI’s latest research (although several years old now) showed that most shoppers make their purchase decisions at the point of purchase, meaning counter displays are especially crucial. In addition, the research highlighted that over 60% of the total purchase is a direct result of retail displays. This is a huge opportunity for those willing to invest in a design which works for customers as well as the brand.

  • Branded displays are eye-catching whilst not being an eyesore and serve two purposes: to draw attention to the product as well as promoting your brand’s colour scheme, logo and persona. Your branded retail display should stand out just the right amount whilst blending in with the “look feel” of the space. Shape, size and design matter far more than you might think possible!
  • It may seem like common sense, but customers are willing to pay more for a product that is nicely presented. This doesn’t just mean the packaging it comes in – arguably the customer’s perception of the product comes far, far earlier when they first set eyes on the item. A product worthy of its own branded display speaks volumes to the customer about the product’s worth in your eyes.
  • A high quality retail display can promote new products as well as reviving older ones. Whilst a display is most often used to push new products or services, they also help boost sales of products which have been overlooked or overshadowed by bigger ones.
  • Customers who have reached your counter are already prepared to spend money on your products, so this precise point in time and space presents the perfect opportunity to either encourage them to spend more or to ensure they leave the shop with an even better perception of your store and services than when they walked towards the counter.


If you want customers to invest in your products, you need to invest in your store. With ecommerce continuing to grow we can expect footfall to do the opposite, so make 2016 the year your shop floor starts working for you.