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One of the great things about this business is that no 2 jobs are the same, we often have requests that are weird, wonderful and challenging.

The latest was an inquiry for an acrylic staircase to fit into a modern apartment on Brighton Seafront. The apartment was part of a block that had been built behind the listed Georgian façade. Due to the very high ceilings and windows of the original building the developer had been able to fit in more floors than originally built. The result was that the very high windows did not align perfectly with the revised floor levels meaning that the view from the lower floors was not ideal.

The apartment owner loved the location and views from the upper floor but had always wanted to improve the access and view from the window without impacting too much on the aesthetics of his modern décor.

Acrylic stairs would enable a solid platform for viewing but also be transparent and virtually “disappear” from view. The design was further complicated by the need to install the stairs on the 2nd floor of the building with only a small passenger lift. The acrylic stairs therefore had to be flat packed for easy transportation.

After several discussions our design team drew up 4 different design options for consideration. Detailed drawings for each option were provided, together with a3d visual and full component drawings. This allowed the client to review and discuss each element and select the design which best met his aspirations. Once the best design had been selected we made the necessary weight load calculations to ensure the acrylic stairs would be stable.

The resulting acrylic staircase was fabricated in 25mm thick clear acrylic, with stainless steel barrel bolt connectors to fasten the treads and risers. These not only provide secure fixings for the acrylic staircase they also act as a thoroughly modern design detail. The treads were also lightly etched to provide grip when ascending and descending.

The installation was completed by our installation team and the client was delighted – “”So brilliant… sitting on the sofa you just don’t notice the stairs!! Superb.. thank you so much!!!!”

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