Lockdown easing

As the Government announced the easing of the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions many companies are planning for the return of their staff to their offices and places of work.

While working from home has presented many challenges both physical and mental it has had the very real benefit of helping to keep people safe from risk of infection from colleagues, customers and fellow travellers on their commute.

Staff who have been effectively isolating for the last 18 months are therefore understandably nervous about leaving their sanctuary and returning to the office.

Well run companies are therefore still paying attention to staff welfare and concerns and are often planning for a phased return of staff or indeed adopting a hybrid working system where some staff work from home on 2 or 3 days and the balance from the office. This enables them to keep a great work/life balance while also reducing numbers in the office at one time but ensures staff stay motivated and involved with their colleagues.

Where social distancing cannot be implemented companies are very wisely looking at office layouts and equipment. We are seeing increased inquiries for desk screening solutions, clear office dividers and other Covid protection measures.

Fortunately we have worked with some large organisations to develop staff protection solutions that are not only effective but also give great re-assurance to nervous staff. If you would like to hear more about our solutions please get in touch by clicking HERE and filling out your details.