It’s Christmas

Well not quite, but now is the time that many stores are considering how best to capitalise on the busiest trading season of the year. This year it is even more important to get it right to make up for lost sales through the pandemic.

At Advance Display Solutions we have been making Christmas displays for over 20 years and can offer a wealth of experience and guidance as to what works and is most cost effective, because it is not only about getting a cheap display it is about getting the most impact for every pound spent.

We’ve received enquiries where one of the key criteria is – “It is only in store for 8 weeks so it needs to be cheap!” While it is true that Christmas displays are only in store for a limited period of time they still need to look great for the whole time they are there. Some materials quickly look tired and faded before the Christmas shopping period is half way through, while other materials will look just as good on the last day as the first, some can even be stored and re-used year after year.

Often the key to getting best value is to use an experienced design team to come up with tried and tested solutions but implemented in an innovative way. With our years of experience in designing effective retail displays using various materials and process, coupled with our in house printing, cutting and manufacturing we are ideally placed to be just the partner.

If you would like more information about how Advance Display Solutions can help with your Christmas display designs and implementation then please get in touch by calling 01908 641008 or filling in our contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you.