Acrylic versus carton board for Point of Sale?

Carton displays represent a cost-effective solution for POS. The displays can be made of cardboard, corrugated cardboard or laminated corrugated cardboard, a carton display is used mainly for short-term POS.

So why use acrylic?

Acrylic is much more durable than carton board. Even basic store fittings will need to have a shelf life of at least a year – preferably more. They will also need to be safe against an elbow that knocks against them accidentally. In fact, in terms of durability, acrylic is much longer lasting, even when compared to lacquered or varnished wood.

Acrylic looks deceptively fragile, but it can support a great deal of weight. Size is not necessarily proportionate to weight, the same acrylic stands could be used to display something big and heavy as well as light or small. Acrylic also high-impact resistant.

But it’s the strong visual impact that makes it’s perfect for visual innovative POS displays. Acrylic can be moulded into any shape, also its transparent qualities adds to the array display uses, a clear advantage when you add a light source. Compare it to glass which has a green tint to the edge, acrylic sheets are clear and once polished have an amazing transparency. It’s obviously much lighter than glass too!

The main disadvantage was once it scratching although rub a good grade of paste wax into the acrylic, and this will make the scratches ‘disappear’ and the stand will look as good as new!

So it’s a great product to use and can really bring your display to life. Obviously we love the versatility of acrylic, we work with our clients to ensure they have the best solution to their needs. We look at the lifetime of the item and where it going to be used – If you need help with your POS solution talk to us, we will be happy to help you.